SORI is the combination of Sommermeyer-Rickert.

Sommermeyer ist my birth name and with that my link to the furniture business. Through my dad I was introduced to the furniture indurstry from day one and have visited numerours industrial fairs. After university I started my own experience in the furniture business - on the dealer as well as on the industrial side.

Rickert is my family name and is my connection to my husband and my two awesome kids.

With the concept of nobilia Elements we can offer a quick, flexible and sustainable solution. You can plan your dream kitchen directly with our 3D configurater and order it online. As the modular parts are already assembled you are able to combine these very flexible and even expand as much as you want. Just set the moduls up at home.

Or you take more time and you plan your dream kitchen with us together. We are happy to help you to make your dreams come true.

WHY kitchens?

I admit - I cannot cook! Even my kids say so. In our family my husband is responsible for the cooking part.

But with my experience I was able to organise the perfect furnishing for our kitchen. And thats how the idea to SORI was developed.

My sister in law Lisa - our women for the rumor mill - and I we experienced different problems and difficulties when buying a kitchen.

And that's what we want to change!

Quick, easy, high quality

We want to combine the best from all worlds: speed from the internet, personal advice from the kitchen studios, and german brand quality.

To be able to do that we straight away knew: we need a reliable partner. With nobilia we found the kitchen manufacturer who shares our vision.

Our quality

Quality made in germany
It is very important to us that our products are produced in Germany. Therefore we decided to work with nobilia. Germanys biggest kitchen manufacturer.
5 year guarantee on all wooden party
We are convinced from the quality of our kitchens. Thats why you get a 5 year guarantee in all our wooden party!
3 year guarantee to rebuy all kitchen cabinets
A lot can happen within 3 years. We know that! Thats why you get a 3 year guarante on your first purchase to rebuy all kitchen cabinets. With that you are able to expand or exchange any cabinets.

For each sold kitchen we are planting a tree for your and for our future. We have committed ourselves to this.

Our partner is Planet Tree:

“She grew up in the furniture industry.”
Grown up in the furniture industry, her passion are now kitchens. However, the cooking part she leaves to her husband. As a mother of two she know what demands a kitchen (living space) has to fulfill - and thats what she wants to pass on.
Interior designer / Kitchen planner
“She knows on what it depends!”
As an interior designer Jana knows what looks good but is also functional. Here you are in good hands.
Head of communication
“Our woman for the rumor mill”
After her time spend at Gala and two kids, Lisa shows you whats popular in regards to kitchens. Maybe even some celebrity kitchens.